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The Birthday Cake Play, or How to Grow Up, or How to Digest

"anything can happen here. it's a treehouse. it's magic. it's safe. it's a storm. we're hit by lightning but we don't die, look how invincible we are. anything can happen, but look what has." 

every stormy day, 2 girls visit a treehouse. life happens outside. they come here to digest it. the storm gets stronger, and girls become girls become girls become women. how do we grow up, how do we cope with coping, how on earth do they eat all of that cake, and what happens when the storm that's always been there knocks on their door? 

development history

: virtual reading, Little & Fierce Theater Company, 2021
: workshop reading, Playwrights Horizons Downtown, Multiple Stars are Born Festival, 2019

photos from workshop reading

directed by lucas a. deGirolamo

performed by Alexis Lapp, Iris Smith D'Agincourt

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