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maguire wilder

is a Southern writer born and raised in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. maguire hates writing in the third person, so this bio is her worst nightmare, but she feels a letter would be worse, as the only thing she dislikes more than third person is having to introduce herself. 


maguire likes things to be messy; she is not interested in the profound. her work often involves young queer women, dreamscapes, and deep longing. it is also often inspired by the visceral feeling of falling down a research rabbit hole, a feeling she knows well. she is easily fascinated by anything parasocial in nature, including but not limited to: sports, Taylor Swift, evangelical Christianity, and the InternetTM. she is happiest when in relentless pursuit of story and language. for her, writing is an exercise in community gathering, and she wishes to create worlds for us to dream both dreams and nightmares into. she once had a teacher tell her she should ask more questions. she doesn't think he would say that now. 


ok, now for the boring stuff: maguire’s writing and production work has been seen at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, Playwrights Horizons Downtown, Theaterlab NYC, Dixon Place, the Smock Alley Theatre (Dublin), and digitally at LimeArts Theatre's 20x20 Fringe Festival and Little & Fierce Theater Company. her play The Things We Pull Up (out of the ground) or at night by the river in the daytime was a finalist for the Playwrights Realm 21-22 Scratchpad Series and an excerpt was published in NYU Gallatin's Confluence in 2020. her short story "up to four    and back again" was published in Feels Blind Literary Magazine in March of 2022. 

maguire received a BFA in drama from NYU Tisch in 2021. she is currently working towards a Masters of Studies in Creative Writing at the University of Cambridge (expected graduation 2023).

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