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RaTs:SubwaySongsandStories is a new musical about the rats of the MTA. Yes, really. RaTs is an experimental look into the lives of the critters that live right under our feet. Rat Princess, a young rat whose dream is to join a sex orgy is waiting outside of her pack's, not allowed to join, when she meets Tabby Cat the Sewer Rat. The two embark on a journey that includes Brooklyn, boning, Taco Bell, and escaping a trap. RaTs is a hilarious romp that calls to the human desire for sex, autonomy, and someone to listen. 

development history

: workshop reading, Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, National Theatre Institute:Theatermakers, 2019

: reading, Theaterlab, 2019 (self produced)

: production, Theaterlab, 2020 (self produced) 

listen to the opening number and check out the photos below! 

performed by the Theaterlab cast

video by Connor Morgan

photos from Theaterlab Production

photos by 

book/lyrics by maguire wilder

music by maguire wilder, Gavin Knittle, Lucas Saur, Kiara Negroni-Martinez, Kyle Best, Claire-Frances Sullivan, John Knispel, and company

directed by Kyle Best

production design by lucas a. deGirolamo

assoc. production design by Kiara Negroni, Amelia Kassing 

assoc. projections by Madeline Parks

produced by Maya Singer 

performed by Maiya Pascouche, Fara Faidzan, Claire-Frances Sullivan, John Knispel, Markese McLamb

photos from O'Neill workshop

photos by Isaak Berlinger

directed by Kyle Best

music by maguire wilder, Kyle Best, Lauryn "Lo" Williams, Natalie Thomas

performed by Lauryn "Lo" Williams, Elizabeth Bueti, Natalie Thomas, Kyle Best, William Darling, Aiden Iannarino

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