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In Company With:a racing ballet

"I've never had sex before but I think if I did it would feel like this."

​Janet Guthrie was the first woman ever to qualify for the Indianapolis 500. 15 year old Rosie is obsessed with her. she dreams of racing cars. her father won't allow it. when the ghost of her mother appears in the form of her hero, Rosie is forced to make the choice between her dreams and her father. Oscillating between Rosie's reality and her dreamspace, In Company With:a racing ballet asks us to question what it means to want for something + the power a legacy can hold. 

development history 

: staged reading, Playwrights Horizons Downtown, Playwrights Horizons Theatre School, 2019

: workshop reading, Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, National Theatre Institute:Theatermakers, 2019


click the racecar to request a copy of the play


photos from playwrights reading/promo 

photos by Madeline Benfield, Xander Nazon, maguire wilder

directed by Maritza Cayo 

performed by Olivia Grace Culp, Aaron Attoma-Mathews, Jordan Hurley, Chelsea Du Toit, Gianna Milici, Jocelyn Landes, Yuvie Benit

photos from O'Neill reading

photos by Isaak Berlinger 

directed by Maria Zurita Ontiveros 

performed by Lauryn "Lo" Williams, Rosie Ryden, Andrew Spafford, Hugo Wehe, Michael Lanham 

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