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the new members guide

brightyoungthings is a new project centered around a group of college students (the bright young things) who engage in dangerous or illegal activities for the clout. it's an exploration of cult mentality, social media celebrity, and youthful nihilism. 

brightyoungthings will live on multiple platforms and digital spaces. the "new members guide" is the first segment of this story. it's an interactive PDF "made" by one of the members of the group, Stacey. click around and see what you find.

featured in the guide... 

Annabelle (the doll) : Leorah Wood 

Bobby : Gianna Milici

Ambulance : Maritza Cayo

Stacey : Amelia Kassing 

Caspian : Adam Rogers

special thanks...

Maiya Pascouche, Ben Hart, Olivia Grace Culp, Kiara Negroni-Martinez, Jaucqir LaFond, Moses Chavez-Grey

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