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4 girls the first letter e 

“i know that not all of us can see him, but the king is real

he is so so real

he is all around us

he is watching us

he is thinking about us

he is in our dreams and we are in his

he asks things of us and we are not allowed to ask back”

​4 girls, all first names starting with e, gather in an alley each night in honor of the King, a fictional character they found on the Internet. 


above them, a man in a window looks down. he watches. 


4 girls the first letter e asks: when do we accept violence? and from who? it is loosely based on the Slenderman Murders of 2012 and includes themes of sexual violence.

development history

: workshop reading, Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, National Theatre Institute: Theatremakers, 2019

: workshop, Playwrights Horizons Downtown, 2020 (production cancelled due to Covid-19)

photos from the O'Neill workshop

photos by Isaak Berlinger

directed by Maria Zurita Ontiveros

performed by Kyle Brier, Julia Moore, Elizabeth Bueti, Dani Schlencker, and Rosie Ryden

materials from the would-have-been production at Playwrights Horizons Downtown

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